China’s Renewed Drive to Tame Its Debt Pile Starts to Bite

From Bloomberg, 5 May 2017: Signs are emerging that the Chinese government’s renewed drive to curb financial leverage is starting to bite. The number of wealth-management products (WMPs) issued by Chinese banks slumped 39 percent in April from the previous month, while trust firms distributed 35 percent fewer products, according to data compilers PY Standard […]

Family Agribusiness Dispute Resolved

Steve recently successfully facilitated the resolution of a family agribusiness dispute by mediation. The business is substantial, including many thousands of hectares of land, substantial stock holdings, and production of multiple crops. The dispute involved siblings and also crossed generations of the family. It involved issues of estate planning, succession and orderly separation of assets […]

Not a crisis, but a serious problem for the long haul

From… Testimony by Alice M. Rivlin, Senior Fellow – Economic Studies, Center for Health Policy, before the Joint Economic Committee of the United States Congress on September 8, 2016: …..our national debt is high in relation to the size of our economy and will likely rise faster than the economy can grow over the […]