Disputes resolved in May include a $3million payment-claim dispute

May has seen continued busy dispute-resolution activity, as listed below. The value of one of the payment disputes in the adjudications under the Construction Contracts Act (WA) set a record for Lieblich & Associates at almost $3million. **Adjudication of a payment-claim dispute of approximately $250k between a building management systems contractor and his client in […]

Adjudications under the Construction Contracts Act are quick and inexpensive, but not free.

In recent months, applicants for adjudication under the Construction Contracts Act (WA) 2004, have requested that we extend credit for the costs of the adjudication. We’ve been sympathetic to these requests, encouraged by the party’s written commitment to make payment at a later date. We now find in two instances that we must pursue the […]

Major Supply Contract dispute resolved by mutual consent

Steve was appointed to adjudicate a payment claim dispute (approximately $250k) between a major resources infrastructure contractor and his subcontractor. The parties successfully resolved the dispute by mutual consent and Steve dismissed the Application without making a determination of its merits, on the basis that others dealing with the matter have made a finding, in […]