Amristar Group poised for growth

I’m delighted to announce that the shareholders of the Amristar Group have resolved to reconfigure the organisation to facilitate its next phase of expansion.

The steps we’ve taken are as follows:

  • Amristar Solutions and iDelve will be merged and dedicated to rapidly expanding the use of iDelve globally. We will utilise iDelve’s unique functional capabilities and performance in real-time delivery of location-based business intelligence, anytime, anywhere. We’ll partner with data originators and custodians to offer data online as a service. And we’ll offer critical business applications, incorporating rich, dynamic location intelligence, also as an online service.
  • We have appointed a new CEO, Gary Macbeth, who has been helping us with our strategic planning for several months. Gary is a seasoned owner and manager of innovative new technology companies in the UK, USA and Australia.
  • We have also appointed Guy Perkins, who will progressively ramp up his involvement in the business as our Chief Revenue Officer. Guy is very well known in the GIS industry in Australia and globally.
  • Further additions to the executive management team are envisaged soon.
  • We have adopted new company constitutions and governance structures that will streamline decision-making and help us attract finance for a more aggressive growth phase.
  • Gary will join our board, together with non-executive director, Art Caisse, a very experienced director of start-up technology businesses, based in Silicon Valley. Further changes to the board are envisaged, also aimed at streamlined decision-making and helping us attract finance.
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Building Dispute resolved by consent

The Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (“IAMA”) nominated Steve Lieblich to adjudicate a payment claim dispute between a building contractor and his subcontractor. The application was dismissed after the parties resolved the matter by consent – the “holy grail” of dispute resolution…

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$750k Payment Claim Dispute Determined

The National Electrical and Communications Association (“NECA”) nominated Steve Lieblich to adjudicate in a matter related to a Payment Claim dipsute in the sum of approximately $750,000, in accordance with the Construction Contracts Act 2004.

The contract was for Electrical works for an essential public facility in regional Western Australia, and the subject Payment Claim included approximately 60 seperate items of work, including variations and set-off items. Over 750 pages of evidence was submitted by the parties.

Steve determined the matter in accordance with the Act on 7 November, 2011.

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Alliance with Meercat announced

Lieblich & Associates is excited to announce its alliance with Meercat Pty Ltd, which has created innovative new tools to facilitate active risk reduction in mining, oil & gas and other industries.
Meercat’s “RiskView” provides a risk analysis and visualisation tool, employing risk maps (“bowtie diagrams”), qualitative or quantitative analysis, support for PHA, HAZOP, LOPA, MOC, and incident analysis.
However, in addition to traditional “offline” analysis, RiskView can be integrated with on-line operations decision-support systems to actively increase the effectiveness of risk-reduction and control strategies. Integration with the enterprise ERP, Maintenance Management, Process Control, SCADA, or other plant control systems provide real-time risk analysis and notification.
Lieblich & Associates looks forward to working with Meercat in the rapid development and commercialisation of its innovative new tools for active risk reduction.

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Applications for Adjudication Dismissed

Steve Lieblich dismissed two applications for adjudication of disputes in relation to payment claims in a contract pertaining to the construction of a pumping station, in accordance with the Construction Contracts Act (WA) 2004, having been nominated as adjudicator by the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (IAMA).

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Payment Claim Dispute Adjudicated

Steve Lieblich determined a dispute in relation to a payment claim of exceeding $250,000 in a contract pertaining to the construction of a pumping station, in accordance with the Construction Contracts Act (WA) 2004, having been nominated as adjudicator by the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia (IAMA).

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Appointment as Mediator

Steve Lieblich was appointed by two Information and Communications Technology (ICT) companies to mediate, in accordance with MEDIATION AND CONCILIATION RULES as resolved by The Council of THE INSTITUTE of ARBITRATORS & MEDIATORS AUSTRALIA at a meeting on 5 April 2007, in various disputes and differences in relation to a services agreement between them.

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