iDelve alliance with Lieblich & Associates

Lieblich & Associates today concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with iDelve Pty Ltd and its shareholders, appointing Steve Lieblich to the Board of Directors and issuing Options to acquire shares in the company subject to the achievement of certain growth milestones.

The founders of iDelve agreed that Steve could bring a wealth of commercial experience that would complement their technical expertise and project management skills, and help them in their ambitious growth objectives.

Amristar alliance with Lieblich & Associates

Lieblich & Associates today concluded an agreement with Amristar Pty Ltd and its shareholders to establish a new company Amristar Solutions Pty Ltd.

The new company will provide total, mission-critical workflow-management and knowledge-management applications for government and corporate clients. In particular, it would focus on applications with a requirement to incorporate spatial data (maps) within the workflow.

Steve Lieblich appointed Director of BigRedSky

Steve Lieblich was appointed a non-executive director of BigRedSky Ltd. His key focus is business development.

Lieblich & Associates concurrently entered into an agreement with the company to provide business development services.

BigRedSky provides large scale eRecruitment solutions to corporate and government clients throughout Australia. It was established in 1999 when the founding director identified a need in the corporate HR market for a value for money eRecruitment solution delivered as an application service provider (ASP) and so BigRedSky was born