Commercial know-how for business success

Could your relationships with customers, allies or suppliers be improved?
Do you have any problems or disputes in these important relationships?

We can help you with:


We understand the science and art of negotiation as well as technology business development. Whatever the objective, we’ll help you achieve agreement with the other party if it’s at all possible.

Alliance Facilitation

We can help you identify, target, establish, sustain and enhance strategic alliances that will boost your sales and develop your business.

Dispute Resolution and Claims Consulting

We can help you to overcome problems in your important commercial relationships.
We have decades of experience with commercial contracts in technology businesses, plus accreditation in alternative dispute resolution processes, including

We will help you to keep your valuable resources focussed on productive activities, and to sustain your valuable alliances.

Steve successfully facilitated the resolution of a family agribusiness dispute by mediation. The business is substantial including many thousands of hectares of land, substantial stock holdings and production of multiple crops. As a result the farming assets, which were acquired over several generations, will remain in the hands of the family, which is expected to successfully trade out of its debts in the long term.