Commercial know-how for business success

Is your business growing too quickly? … or not quickly enough? … or does it need some fresh ideas?

Would you like an independent adviser to help you understand the business? …and to monitor your investment when you can’t give it as much attention as you’d like?

We can help you with:

Providing an independent Director

We can provide an experienced Director of public and private companies, to give you an independent opinion on the business direction or of strategic opportunities and threats.

Leadership Roles

We can boost your executive leadership team with hands-on services particularly focussed on increasing revenues, including marketing, sales management and business development.

Commercial Relationships

Our capabilities are focussed on excellent commercial relationships. We can help you establish, sustain and enhance strategic relationships with customers, allies and suppliers… and we can assist you to overcome problems and disputes in these important relationships.

Steve Lieblich was appointed a non-executive director of BigRedSky Ltd. His key focus is business development.

Lieblich & Associates concurrently entered into an agreement with the company to provide business development services.

BigRedSky provides large scale eRecruitment solutions to corporate and government clients throughout Australia. It was established in 1999 when the founding director identified a need in the corporate HR market for a value for money eRecruitment solution delivered as an application service provider (ASP) and so BigRedSky was born Lieblich & Associates agreed to provide non-executive advisory services to leading edge learning software company to assist with strategic planning, business planning, negotiations with customers and allies, sales presentations, and commercial relations.

Other services we offer: