iDelve Receives AusIndustry Funding

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane today announced that iDelve has been awarded an Australian Government Commercialising Emerging Technologies (COMET) grant to help commercialise a new means to publish maps on the Internet.

Mr Macfarlane said that iDelve’s innovative new communications protocol for maps enables the building of highly interactive applications that may be accessed over the Internet which would not be feasible with traditional techniques.

“Their major product offering is a software system that serves spatial data online. It presents an interactive client/server mapping interface to the user via a web browser, and also enables users to directly access and overlay maps from many sources, on-line.” Mr Macfarlane said.

“Many government agencies are already using the iDelve technology, including the WA Department of Land Information which has chosen the it for the enabling framework in its whole-of-government Shared Land Information Platform project.”

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Presentation at the Melbourne Commercialisation Expo

Steve Lieblich presentated “iDelve Hyper-interactive Web Mapping” at the Melbourne Commercialisation Expo, 19-20 June 2006, with the aid of a grant from the WA Department of Industry and Resources . The paper described early-stage commercialisation of the revolutionary iDelve Web mapping technology developed in Western Australia.

The paper explained that iDelve is a revolutionary technology for delivering maps as a web service – usually as part of a service or application that incorporates the maps

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are resource-intensive applications of ICT and therefore implementation of a distributed architecture on a constrained-bandwidth network (such as the Internet) is challenging.

iDelve was purpose-built for quickly and efficiently interacting with maps in Web applications. It is quite different to the traditional paradigm for serving maps on the Internet. The technology focuses on functionally delivering the most via the Internet.

iDelve’s revolutionary technology delivers a natural, intuitive, very fast user experience, which we call “hyper-interactive” .

The user interacts (on screen) with live objects and associated meta-data cached on the client machine. The screen view is assembled from available data, even while additional data is streaming to the client. This eliminates the frustrating “click & wait” experienced with traditional technologies.
Distributed infrastructure / data management

Bandwidth constraints force applications using traditional technologies to aggregate all the spatial data needed for an application, on a single server. This requires replication of infrastructure and data, and also of the human resources to manage those replicated sets of infrastructure and data.
iDelve servers contain a powerful integration engine that seamlessly accesses and integrates different kinds of data in-situ from various local and remote sources. Data types include vector, raster and attribute information.

The iDelve system was originally developed in Western Australia and first released in 2002. Initial prototypes included systems for a spatial data custodian with remote customers and for a real-estate portal. System development and enhancement opportunities were identified in dialogue with the users of the prototype systems, and with other prospective users.

A key challenge in the initial commercialisation relates to the introduction of a new paradigm for publishing maps via the Internet. (this is a common problem in  our industry.) Prospective users and even their ICT advisers were initially not aware of the capabilities of iDelve (or didn’t understand their potential impact) and therefore tended to conceive of new applications on the basis of traditional, web maps. Our response to this challenge included:

  • Working with customers who are innovators and have the vision to appreciate the new paradigm and adopt it to advantage in their enterprise. Either they are receptive and prepared to take the time to understand and incorporate the technology in their conceptual planning or they are prepared to take the advice of experts and consultants.
  • Being prepared to provide the “total” business solution so that the customer receives software, services, data etc bundled with the iDelve software, and that the bundle as a whole provides the business benefits that the visionary customer needs, to justify the investment. When the paradigm is new, there are few integrators and added-value service providers who can complete the total solution. So we have to show the way, by doing it ourselves
  • Focussing on one or two market niches. As a small, self-funded start-up, we have to very carefully marshal our resources. Trying to be a total solutions provider across a broad market would spread us too thinly.

This meant that although we envisage iDelve as a global product and therefore need to build a “product house”, our early steps in commercialisation require us to behave like an integrator or “total solutions provider”. We created two separate corporate entities: iDelve Pty Ltd, the owner of the IP and nucleus of the product house; and Amristar Solutions Pty Ltd, a total solutions integrator and reseller of the iDelve software.

Lieblich & Associates is a significant shareholder in both Amristar and iDelve and Steve Lieblich is their Business Development Director.

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Verint System Contract

Lieblich & Associates is pleased to announce that our ally Verint recently received an order from a Legal Enforcement Agency for a major communications interception system.

The contract includes software, implementation, testing and support, and has a value of approximately $1million.

Verint systems are highly mission-critical. Lieblich & Associates assists Verint to manage its sensitive and important relationships with key national and Western Australian clients.

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iDelve Scoops WAITTA Awards in Three Categories

At the annual prestigious black-tie Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAITTA) dinner on Friday 18th March, the Amristar software engineering group scooped awards in three of the ten categories for its iDelve Web Mapping Technology, which is revolutionising the way maps are published via the Internet. The awards were in the Innovation, Online, and Product categories.
Existing iDelve customers include the WA Department of Environment, Transperth, The WA Tourism Commission and SmartTrack, a fleet management service company. Other organisations actively exploring the use of iDelve include other Commonwealth, State and Local government agencies, public utilities, transport/logistics companies, and tourism and real-estate portals.
Continuous interactivity
iDelve allows users to pan and zoom smoothly and continuously over maps and images. Mouse-over and mouse-click provide instant access to related data and information delivery is smooth, fast and responsive.
Map objects on-screen
The system also enables the user to interact with discrete on-screen objects (rather than traditional maps that are rendered images) even while data streams to him. Additional, higher-resolution refinements are provided as needed without having reloading the map – improving efficiency and speed.
Publication from multiple sources
The iDelve system enables customers to incorporate maps and imagery from in-house, remote and mobile sources, and to seamlessly integrate them into the published map direct-from-source using the Internet as the communications medium. Published maps are therefore always up-to-date. Data replication is eliminated, and data management costs are significantly reduced.

The WA Information Technology and Telecommunications Awards (WAITTA) have been conducted annually since 1991 by the WA Branch of the Australian Computer Society Inc. The purpose of the WAITTA is to recognise outstanding performance and contributions by members of the IT&T community in Western Australia.

Lieblich & Associates is a significant shareholder in both Amristar and iDelve and Steve Lieblich is their Business Development Director.

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Lieblich & Associates to Manage Key Verint Relationships

Lieblich & Associates today concluded a Consultancy Agreement with Verint Systems.

Verint systems are highly mission-critical and its clients include legal enforcement agencies, telecommunications carriers, Internet Service Providers and large corporate enterprises. Lieblich & Associates will work with Verint Corporate, Asia-Pacific and Australian Operations to assist manage these sensitive and important relationships with key national and Western Australian clients.

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iDelve Vehicle Tracking System for SmartTrack

SmartTrack, a fleet management services provider, have agreed that Amristar will provide an iDelve web mapping system to provide their clients with the ability to manage their mobile assets on line and in real time.

SmartTrack has clients from small businesses to blue-chip companies in transport and mining industries. To provide a more compelling service, SmartTrack envisioned a system which would locate vehicles on a map, track vehicles and provide live updates.

The selected iDelve based system will allow clients to view their vehicles, monitor their states and chart progress online. The entire application will be web based and thus easily accessible through the ubiqitous browser.

The SmartTrack solution will track thousands of vehicles in real-time, providing fast results and lower operational costs to logistics and fleet operators nationwide.
Lieblich & Associates is a significant shareholder in both Amristar and iDelve and Steve Lieblich is their Business Development Director.

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iDelve chosen as a standard for WA Dept of Environment

The Department of Environment (DoE) in WA has this morning accepted Amristar’s Proposal to provide the iDelve Web Mapping software as the Department’s standard for spatial applications on the Internet. The proposed iDelve system will add value to the Department’s existing web services and will provide maximum flexibility for publishing spatial information in the future.

Key benefits to the Department include the following.

Customer-service Excellence
The iDelve system is a truly platform-independent web interface for spatial data so that users with no more than a standard browser and a low-bandwidth Internet connection can quickly access and visualise complex spatial data. It can be configured with a full toolset for professional users, or in a streamlined and simplified form that enables even casual users with no special training or experience to readily access the data they require.

The proposed system uses multi-resolution vector streaming to optimise the use of low bandwidth Internet connections for displaying and working with large spatial data sets. This approach overcomes the traditional model of web mapping, where each change of view requires a resource-intensive round trip transaction with the server.

Cost savings
Our proposed system will drastically reduce both capital cost and operating costs associated with the development and implementation of specific applications for Web deployment of spatial data, Internet traffic, and (most significantly) data management.

e-Government Excellence 
The multi-resolution streaming of spatial data enables a truly effective publication and sharing of spatial information as a Web service. Users can combine their own private datasets with those hosted by DoE and other data custodians.

The DoE and Department of Water (DoW) will now use iDelve as the standard for their public Internet map applications because of iDelve’s interactivity, intuitiveness, speed and the ease of integration with existing spatial database infrastructure. iDelve’s rich yet uncomplicated configuration allows the DoE and DoW to easily publish spatial data to the public and industry. For example, the Native Vegetation Monitoring application assists resource companies in managing clearing of native vegetation with respect to their mining leases and the Perth Groundwater Atlas is one of the their website’s most popular applications.

Lieblich & Associates is a significant shareholder in both Amristar and iDelve and Steve Lieblich is their Business Development Director.

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iDelve alliance with Lieblich & Associates

Lieblich & Associates today concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with iDelve Pty Ltd and its shareholders, appointing Steve Lieblich to the Board of Directors and issuing Options to acquire shares in the company subject to the achievement of certain growth milestones.

The founders of iDelve agreed that Steve could bring a wealth of commercial experience that would complement their technical expertise and project management skills, and help them in their ambitious growth objectives.

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