Presentation to Innovative Researchers

Steve was recently invited to present to a regular weekly class at the Centre for Entrepreneurial Research and Innovation. The Centre coaches successful researchers to assist them to commercialise their most innovative research and use it to seed a rapid-growth enterprise.

The presentations provided tips on Engaging with New Customers and on Pitching to early-stage Investors, including Angel Investors like the Perth Angels in which Steve is a member of the Board and actively involved in screening new proposals for investment.


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US jobs grow, but not wages (yet)


Improving opportunities in the job market appear to be slowly pulling Americans off the economy’s sidelines. PHOTO: JOE RAEDLE/GETTY IMAGES

From WSJ, 7 July 2017, by Jeffrey Sparshott

U.S. employers are churning out jobs unabated as the economic expansion enters its ninth year, but the inability to generate more robust wage growth represents a missing piece in a largely complete labor recovery.

U.S. employers added a seasonally adjusted 222,000 jobs in June, the Labor Department said Friday, and the unemployment rate rose slightly to 4.4% with more people actively looking for work.

The U.S. has added jobs every month since October 2010, a record 81-month stretch that has absorbed roughly 16 million workers and slowly repaired much of the damage from the 2007-09 recession. The unemployment rate touched a 16-year low in May and the number of job openings hit a record earlier this year…..

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Intellectual-Property Disputes

Lieblich & Associates has been selected for inclusion on the register of accredited mediation service providers to be established by Australian-Government Agency: IP Australia, to resolve intellectual-property disputes, as part of its Mediation Referral Service.

Australian Government Agency, IP Australia will be establishing a domestic intellectual property (IP) Mediation Referral Service where IP right holders will be able to access mediation as a low cost and effective alternative to resolving IP related disputes.

The service will:

IP Australia provides a guide to resolving a dispute over infringement of  intellectual property (IP) rights, including a suggestion that an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) professional can act as a mediator between the parties involved.

Lieblich & Associates will be included in the published list of accredited mediation service providers. We look forward to helping YOU resolve your disputes.

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Dispute Resolved by Mutual Consent

Steve was appointed by The Electrical and Communications Association, to adjudicate a payment claim dispute between a Contractor and his Subcontractor on a major infrastructure project. Steve had jurisdiction, under the Construction Contracts Act (WA) 2004 (as amended in 2016), to determine the matter for the parties. However, it was resolved, and Steve made a Determination, in accordance with terms that were mutually agreed by the parties.

Consensual resolution preserves commercial relations

It’s our firm belief, and our policy, at Lieblich & Associates, that parties should resolve their differences by mutual consent, if possible. We successfully encourage and facilitate such mutual resolution of a large proportion of disputes referred to us, even when the reference provides authority and jurisdiction, by statute or by prior contractual agreement, that Steve determine the matter as an arbitrator or an adjudicator.

Successfully encouraging the parties to arrive at a consensual resolution, saves time and cost, and most importantly, it increases the prospect that the parties may preserve their commercial relations and continue to trade.


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Domain Name Dispute Determined

Steve was appointed to determine a dispute between a party that had registered a Domain Name and another party that claimed predominant rights to that particular Domain Name.

The process is a rapid adjudication, in accordance with a dispute resolution process (auDRP) prescribed in the terms of the license to use that Domain Name. The purpose of the auDRP is to provide a less expensive, faster alternative to litigation for the resolution of disputes between the registrant of a .au domain name and a party with competing rights to the domain name.

Steve was one of a panel of three adjudicators, which determined the matter within a few weeks.

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China’s Renewed Drive to Tame Its Debt Pile Starts to Bite

From Bloomberg, 5 May 2017:

Signs are emerging that the Chinese government’s renewed drive to curb financial leverage is starting to bite.

The number of wealth-management products (WMPs) issued by Chinese banks slumped 39 percent in April from the previous month, while trust firms distributed 35 percent fewer products, according to data compilers PY Standard and Use Trust….

…The recent regulatory moves erased more than $300 billion of stock-market value and sent bond yields to the highest level in nearly two years as investors speculated the crackdown will curtail the amount of funds available for investment in financial markets.

It’s a valid concern: Chinese banks sold 5,989 wealth-management products last month, down from March’s 9,829, which was the highest since at least December 2015, according to PY Standard, a Chengdu-based financial data provider….

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