Ignition Pitch Panel

Steve was one of the Panelists at the Curtin “Ignition” program Business Plan Pitch Presentation sessions at the Technology Park Function Centre from 1:30pm to 5.00pm.
The Ignition delegates were nascent and novice entrepreneurs with ideas to take forward into business or early stage business owners from a mix of backgrounds. Some of the delegates were from universities; others from large organisations (people who may well have some business background) and others were solo entrepreneurs.
Delegates made a brief presentation followed by discussion with the panelists who then provided coaching on the presentation and the viability of their business idea.

Architect-Builder Adjudication

Steve was appointed to adjudicate a payment claim dispute (approximately $100k) between and architect and a builder, arising from different interpretations of the scope of work.
Steve determined the matter on its merits within the prescribed time.

Major Supply Contract dispute resolved by mutual consent

Steve was appointed to adjudicate a payment claim dispute (approximately $250k) between a major resources infrastructure contractor and his subcontractor.
The parties successfully resolved the dispute by mutual consent and Steve dismissed the Application without making a determination of its merits, on the basis that others dealing with the matter have made a finding, in accordance with section 31(2)(a)(iii) of the Act. This minimised the costs of the adjudication, which is borne by the Parties, and enhanced the prospect of the Parties proceeding with the Contract in a constructive and collaborative manner.

Partnership Dispute Mediated

Steve was appointed as mediator in a partnership dispute that had arisen several years ago, between equal partners in a private business. The dispute was a source of frustration and was hampering the success of the business.
In a one-day mediation conference, Steve facilitated the parties’ agreement to split the business into two separate parts in an orderly manner, including agreement in relation to the division of the assets, cash payments between the parties and non-compete commitments for a period of time.

Two payment claim disputes determined

IAMA nominated Steve to adjudicate two payment claim disputes, for a total exceeding $1 million, including several variations claimed and significant project-delay costs claimed.
Steve determined the matters within the prescribed time, in accordance with the Act, despite significant complexity in the matters.