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We have a track record of building business success for our clients, manoeuvring through challenges with strategic leadership and consultative communication.

As part of this process, we develop great relationships with all stakeholders involved including Customers, Investors, Staff, Allies, Service Providers and Suppliers.

The business has access to appropriate specialists to deal with particular business challenges, for times when specific aspects of a business need to be examined.


Need to enhance customer relations, negotiate a tricky deal or resolve a contractual dispute?

Is your Board stuck… needing fresh thinking and new faces?

Have a great idea, which you want to turn into a business?

Want to develop and expand your customer base and revenue?

We have decades of success with such issues – providing independent and experienced business strategy, in business development, marketing and sales, representing multi-national businesses, negotiating complex contracts, and as an accredited arbitrator, adjudicator, expert determiner and mediator for parties in dispute (appointed by organisations such as the Small Business Development Corporation, the Resolution Institute, the Institute of Arbitrators and Mediators Australia and the Electrical and Communications Association).

We regularly assist clients to meet such challenges.

We work with businesses seeking to grow, enhance their commercial relationships, or resolve commercial disputes.


Clients can rest assured that their matters are kept strictly confidential.

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Some examples of business success

An independent mediator and facilitator

A mediated resolution is the next best outcome to a directly-negotiated one, for preserving the relationship and minimising cost and time.

Steve recently successfully facilitated the resolution of a family agribusiness dispute by mediation.

The business is substantial, including many thousands of hectares of land, substantial stock holdings, and production of multiple crops. The dispute involved siblings and also crossed generations of the family. It involved issues of estate planning, succession and orderly separation of assets amongst the next generation.

The dispute had been extended over recent years. Communication between family members had been reduced to written exchanges via legal representatives of each party. A substantial financier of the business was threatening to foreclose on some mortgages.

The mediation outcome was a written, commercially-enforceable head agreement acceptable to all parties, which outlined other legal instruments and deeds to be drafted by the parties to give effect to the head agreement.

As a result of this successful outcome, the farming assets, which were acquired over several generations in more than a century, will remain in the hands of the family, which is expected to successfully trade out of its debts in the long term.

Start-up and Innovation

A smart technology or great idea is just the start of a fast-growth business. We can add the other essential elements.

Steve was one of the Panelists at the Curtin “Ignition” program Business Plan Pitch Presentation…

The Ignition delegates were nascent and novice entrepreneurs with ideas to take forward into business or early stage business owners from a mix of backgrounds. Some of the delegates were from universities; others from large organisations (people who may well have some business background) and others were solo entrepreneurs.

Delegates made a brief presentation followed by discussion with the Panelists who then provided coaching on the presentation and the viability of their business idea.

Turning innovative technologies into successful businesses

Steve’s track record of success in commercialising innovative technologies into successful businesses spans decades: initially in turning smart software of large multinational corporations into products deployed for thousands of new customers; in recent years, in getting start-up companies off the ground.

Steve Lieblich was appointed a non-executive director of BigRedSky Ltd. His key focus is business development.

Lieblich & Associates concurrently entered into an agreement with the company to provide business development services.

BigRedSky provides large scale eRecruitment solutions to corporate and government clients throughout Australia. It was established in 1999 when the founding director identified a need in the corporate HR market for a value for money eRecruitment solution delivered as an application service provider (ASP) and so BigRedSky was born Lieblich & Associates agreed to provide non-executive advisory services to leading edge learning software company to assist with strategic planning, business planning, negotiations with customers and allies, sales presentations, and commercial relations.

Developing new customers and expanding revenues

Win strategic, new customers and keep them, for life. We’ve been doing that for decades.

Lieblich & Associates is pleased to announce that our ally Verint recently received an order from a Legal Enforcement Agency for a major communications interception system.

The contract includes software, implementation, testing and support, and has a value of approximately $1million.

Verint systems are highly mission-critical. Lieblich & Associates assists Verint to manage its sensitive and important relationships with key national and Western Australian clients.

Rapid adjudication of payment claims

Steve is a registered adjudicator under the Construction Contracts Act (WA). This is the fastest and lowest-cost procedure to have payment-claim disputes independently determined.

Steve Lieblich was nominated by the National Electrical and Communications Association to adjudicate a seven-figure payment dispute between a builder and his electrical subcontractor and determined the matter following examination of all the data.

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